21 October 2020

Transition of Interests & Hobbies

Everyone speaks about social and medical transition. But I recently became aware of a 3rd kind of transition: interests. Second Puberty When I started taking hormones half June I didn’t overly realise I would head into my second puberty. I should have known though – I have been through puberty before 😉 I don’t think I need to explain to you what that means for […]

21 October 2020

Bipolar No More

Today I will write two posts. This one as a ‘small announcement’ and one about the effects of the hormones I am taking. A Quick Recap I have written a couple of times about my mental problems and there are more posts about it on the old Pages from Sages blog (more about that in the 2nd post today as well). I still need to […]

8 October 2020

Officially Registered as Female

This is probably the first time (and hopefully the last as well) I use a date in the past to write a post. But this one I could not do on October 8th or yesterday. Expert Statement I am not sure if ‘Expert Statement’ is the correct English term for the ‘Deskundigen Verklaring’. In short, this is an official document of your transgender healthcare doctor. […]