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15 August 2007

Results MRI-scan

By Alexa

Today I went back to my doctor to hear the results of the MRI-scan that I had on August 1. She basically had some good and some bad news…

The good news was that she didn’t find any damaged or irritated nerves, nor did she find anything else (she probably meant tumors and the alike).

The bad news is that she can’t help me any further. She’ll write a letter for my family docker, advising to send me “one step further”. Basically, she still thinks my eyes are causing the headaches (which I agree on with her), and an eye-specialist should be able to find the cause of the pains.

Luckily there’s a very good eye hospital in The Netherlands, too bad it’s about 100km away from where I’m living. And knowing the Dutch hospitals, I have to go there at least 4 times and wait for hours before I see someone. But I know from a friend of mine, that they’re very good and find anything that’s wrong with your eyes…

That was it for today… Tomorrow I’ll have to pay the ARBO doctor a visit… Wonder what he’ll have to say. Working 3 hours a day is about the maximum I can handle without getting too much headaches…

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