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8 October 2014


By Alexa

Okay, I’m not the kind of guy who stands on the scale every couple of weeks, or even every couple of months. We have a scale, but the last time I stood on it was about 2 years ago or so. Then my weight was around 100kg. It might sound like a lot, but with my 1.88m height it’s not overly much overweighted (only about 10kg).

That was 2 years ago. This morning I stood on the scale again and found out that my current weight is 105kg. I was kinda in a shock, and yet I expected it. I mean, my jeans are just a bit tighter and that’s not because they shrunk 😛 On the other hand, having a physically active job I was hoping I did loose some weight already and would be around 95 like I said to the doctor last weekend…

On the other hand, having gained some weight was what I could have expected. Being extremely tired (without knowing of the B12 deficiency I have), I’ve been eating a lot the last 2 years to counter the fatigue I had a lot. Though now knowing that all the extra food (and candy 😛) didn’t help, I think it’s only a miracle that I gained so little over the last 2 years.

And now..? Well, I don’t think I’ll change a lot. With in the near future my body (hopefully) becoming less fatigued, I guess my input of food will lessen as well. Hoping to work with the Dutch postal service for years to come, I’ll loose that 5 extra kilos quickly enough and I even might finally hit the 90kg I wanted to hit a long time ago as well 😉