18 October 2019

‘Small’ introductions

By Alexa

Where to start with introductions? And though it’s not the first blog I have started – I have been running Pages From Sages (I no longer own the original domain) for a decade – starting something new and making proper introductions is still something to be aware of. Making introductions for instance might create different expectations from you as reader than what I intend to write here in the first place.

So here goes nothing (or everything ?)…

As the title already expects, I am Alexa and I’ll be writing about things that are happening to me and the world around me. I’m not just an ordinary woman and I wish that what I know now I’ve know 35 years ago. Yes, I am an elderly lady and it’s not polite to ask a lady about her age, but you might be able to guess my age when following my blog.
Anyway, 35 years ago I had he feeling I was different than the other boys of my age (are confused? ?) – something just felt different and not right about my body and mind. Around that same time (as I heard earlier this year), my mother had that same feeling about that little boy. But what was known about the ‘condition‘ I was ‘suffering‘ from mid 80s? Not much really.

Years passed and thought out most of my life I’ve been depressed on and off – more on than off and I’ve had multiple psychiatric diagnoses. The list is long and I’ll just highlight a few: Asperger’s syndrome, ADD, chronically depression (this was quite true BTW) and bipolar disorder (quiet true as well). But all these diagnoses lay ground to something bigger, something of which a realization started early this year – genderdysforie.

“Huh what? Genderdysforie?’ I hear you say. I think you might know it better by it’s old term transsexual (please don’t EVER use this term ANYWERE – we are offended by it) or it’s current term transgender.

If you have no idea what transgender is, then you might have been living under a rock the last 5 to 10 years. Transgenders have had so much media attention lately that I just can’t imagine you have never heard of the term (Google is your friend now ?), but let me give a quick explanation.

A transgender is someone who doesn’t identify his or herself with the gender of their birth. This non-identification can be just a little and not bothering that person, experiencing their identity somewhere in between male and female, or not identifying with either gender which are then called non-binary, or a person like me not identifying at all with their birth gender and when possible start a transition to the desired gender. I’ve written when possible, because sometimes it’s medically impossible because of health and life threatening conditions during the transition, and for others it’s not possible because of social conditions (think of career people and highly religious environments for instance).

…and that’s what this blog will be mostly about – my transition from my male birth gender into the beautiful woman I am already on the inside.
Aside from my transition I will also write about more common things that hold my interest. I already mentioned the old Pages From Sages blog (did you follow the link?) and I will post my (PS4) gaming endeavors here, as well as information about my programming projects and other things that I deem fun to write.

Hmmm… ‘Small introductions’… I hope you made it through this first ‘small’ post and I hope you to see you more often here! Now it’s time to configure the template I’m using a bit more to my liking.

With love Alexa