19 October 2019

Being transgender & Elite Dangerous

By Alexa

I hear you wondering why I have included the Elite Dangerous logo and an IPX batch into the main site’s header and let me explain.

First off the Elite Dangerous logo. I’ve been been flying around our galaxy since late may 3300. Most commanders (CMDRs) I have met during my flights and in general most of the (retired) CMDRs of the Pilot’s Federation are extremely supportive in general. There have been lots of causes for CMDRs all over the galaxy to make a stand in honor of a fellow CMDR or an event in Earth’s history happening in the late 2010’s.

Then about that rainbow colored IPX badge.
For those familiar with an ancient TV show called Babylon 5 which was broadcast the 2nd half of the 1990’s will know IPX as Inter Planetary Expeditions. This was a corporation exploring the outer rims of our galaxy in search for ancient ruins and relics. I won’t go too much into detail of this great show and would advice to grab it and watch it yourself (at least the first 4 seasons, the 5th is called Filthy 5th for a reason ๐Ÿ˜‰). Our Wing commander (All Crows are Black – ACB for short) who is a fervent explorer herself thought the IPX name was very appropriate for us.
The rainbow colored badge was created by ACB during the 3300 pride month as general support to the LGBT+ community. I just picked it up then and will keep on using this wonderful badge.