4 November 2019

Black Desert online – or how MMORPGs are becoming too easy

By Alexa

It’s no secret that online games – and more specifically MMORPGs – become easier and easier over time. Not only the game play but also acquisition of goods and money – destroying the in-game economy most of the times because of the lack of a money-sink.

The first MMORPG I played was Lineage II which was back in 2005. This game was one of the hardest games to play when it comes to monetary acquisition and leveling your character and I loved for it for that. I remember completing a full set of B-grade armor and I really felt a sense of accomplishment. Sadly late 2011 NCsoft (the developer and publisher of Lineage II) decided to make the game a lot easier. Up to then my character was level 85 and a 2nd character I made hit that level in a mere 4 weeks…

Lineage II is not the only MMORPG catering to the millennium generation with the ‘I want it and I want it NOW‘ attitude, loving the instant gratification and receiving a medal for everything ‘accomplishment’ they make – even if that ‘accomplishment’ doesn’t mean shit!

Black Desert online is no exception to this at all. When I bought the game (for PC) at it’s release in February 2016 it wasn’t already the hardest MMORPG around, but it was fun! During the coming half year or so when I played it changes to the difficulty were already starting to happen – auto walk from point A to B and back to level your mounts, stamina and other statistics. Features I had no real problem with because they were more intended for the ‘casual player’ who had a daytime job and wasn’t able to play as much as I could.

Only recently Black Desert online was released for consoles (both Playstation 4 and XBOX 1) and this week it’s 50% off – now that was quick! 😆 With the good memories I had I decided to pick it up for the € 15 it is now.

As with the PC version of the game, character creation took me over 30 minutes. So many options to modify the looks of your character, though some pretty hard to get working because of the sliders which are hard to handle with a controller (gosh, missing a mouse here!). But I ended up with a good looking Lahn.

Now head out into the world! The quests I received were pretty much the same as on the PC. With the first armor (enchantment) stone that I had dropped from a weasel I though I was extremely lucky – no I wasn’t! I had more of them dropped over the course of the next half hour from those very low-level monsters.

Picking up more quests I noticed that the monetary gain from their rewards was quite high – certainly compared to the launch of the game. Almost every other quest – and certainly those from the main story line – gave a gold bar (1.000.000 silvers) as reward and it was at level 10 that I already had 5 of them.

Black Desert_20191104055323

To give an idea of this amount of money compared to the launch is that I had my first 5 million silvers when I hit roughly level 47! Now on the Playstation I already have 6 1 million bars (used 2 already) and one 10 million bar 😲 I can only imagine what this amount of money does to the economy of the game.

Well, imagine..? I have seen it happen in Lineage II (among others). Players get large amounts of money and there is little to no sink hole for it. That means players will sell their items for higher prices (certainly when items are not bound to a character or account) and with more money they acquire they make new items and sell them even for higher prices.

So far I haven’t peeked at the market place though, but I should (and will) do that later today. Not having a reference anymore of what prices were back in 2016, I can check how much for cash shop items like costumes is asked. I fear though that the 16 million silvers I have now are by far not enough to buy anything interesting…

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