15 November 2019


By Alexa

Like everyone who starts a blog, I too was musing about how to name this one. I came up with a couple of names including “All about Alexa” – which I ditched immediately because I thought it was too egocentric – and “Alexa’s World” of which I thought it was quite right and used it on my personal domain.

It was yesterday that I thought to give the blog her own domain and I started to search for decent / regular extensions. Sadly all .com .eu .nl .info and whatever top domain sites which include Alexa was already taken – this thanks to some weird ‘you can ask me anything’ marketing site as well as a bunch of celebrities.

That meant I had to become creative and found the /me top domain from the Montenegro, but even there Alexa was already taken.
The wikipedia page about the .me top domain also mentions its.me as 3rd level domain and I tried to see if I could get alexa.its.me. Sadly I could not get any information about that so once again I had to look at alternatives.

This time I took a close look at the list of top domains on wikipedia to see it there’s anything useful (like .world for instance) but I could not find anything obviously.
Going through the list a 2nd time and actually looking at the top domains I saw a lot of ‘odd’ top domains which were added a couple of years ago when non-country top domains were allowed to be added by private organisations (like the city of Amsterdam owns the .amsterdam top domain) and I bumped into the .lgbt top domain (I have linked the wikipedia page about LGBT but if you don’t know the term and are reading my blog – SHAME ON YOU! 😛).

Knowing that the .lgbt top domain exists I checked alexa.lgbt and once again…. Amazon had already claimed it 😠 On the positive side, I now had the chance to pick a domain name I wanted. With AlexasWorld.lgbt not really sounding okay (it should be Alexa’sWorld.lgbt and the ‘ is not accepted in a domain name) I went back to the original blog naming idea and came up with About Alexa as I named it now, along with the domain AboutAlexa.lgbt.

Now (read: yesterday morning when I did this all) it was time to register AboutAlexa.lgbt with my web host bHosted.nl (some free advertising for you guys 😘). Sadly they didn’t support the .lgbt top domain – actually only a couple of companies worldwide support it – and I opened a support ticket asking about possibilities for forwarding IPs and such things. Instead of the technical information about the forwarding I had a simple reply less than 3 hours later: “From now on it is possible to record this with us.” (it is support like this why I am already 10 years using bHosted.nl as web host!).

…and that’s how I ended up with a re-brand of my blog’s name and a matching .lgbt domain name