15 November 2019

Bra size 85B – 85B..! 85B..?

By Alexa

Below is a post I wrote on Fetlife (yes I have a kinky site and an account there) on June 9 this year. Though much of it is still true, there are some changes over the last 5 months.
The main change is that I lost an other 10kg 😲 and both my bust and breast have become smaller. The 85B cup I wrote about is no longer accurate and my current size is now close to 80B. I now need to use silicone fillings to wear the old (85B) bras to fit them properly. My mother has given me one of her old 80B bras and it fits quite nice.

I’m so obviously completely new to growing my breasts and go shopping bras like a teen-age girl 😉

As I’ve written in the past, I’ve done some measuring and tried my wife’s old (now too small) lingerie of size 85C. The measurements I did came down to 97cm, which should give me a size 90, while I could wear my wife’s old bra’s without a problem (I know, sister sizes…).

When I received my first bra (size 85B) over the mail I tried it on immediately and it was a perfect fit immediately so I figured I could fit ANY size 85B bra.
The second bra I ordered is also a size 85B. When I put it on I immediately noticed that it was smaller than the first one. When I put them over each other there indeed was a roughly 3cm difference :s because of that, the wires were pressing into my breastbone badly and I need to use an extender to wear it comfortably.

Last week I went to the Primark to get a couple of cheap regular bras (BTW it’s quite hard to find 85B at Primark – they do have them, but are sold out quickly it seems) to wear under plain shirts. There I noticed quite a difference in size as well. While most 85B sized bras did fit me, the cup itself differed quite a bit.
The real plain and cheap bras had a cup fit that I thought was too big for me (of some I even thought they were a size 85C). Aside from that, I didn’t like the feel of them. An other more luxurious balcony bra (which I totally loved!) was a perfect fit, but not suitable as plain bra under a shirt 😉
And then there were the cheapest one they had (only €3). Again a couple of different models and some with the cups that did feel too big. Then I found 2 with a nice laced design on the back (a nice design for a €3 price tag) which were almost identical – almost! One was a perfect fit, while the other did fit me, but was very tight and it felt that it’ break if I’d wear it too much.

And that’s only the first 2 weeks of my new road into being more openly proud of my breasts and showing them off. I wonder (and fear) what lies ahead of me when my breasts grow bigger and reach cup C. Though I did notice that 90C is more common than 90B, I do hope that at the time I have a cup C, I have also lost some more weight (I’ve already lost 5Kg in the last 6 weeks) that I don’t have to look at 90C bras anymore and just am able to stick with 85C.

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