24 November 2019

[Update] Discrimination & Hospital choice

By Alexa

On November 8th I posted “Transgender discrimination in The Netherlands“. While writing that I found out that the “Algemene wet Gelijke Behandeling” wasn’t valid anymore per October 31th and I’d look for the replacement Act. Well, I found it! The name is still the same and the changes from the “Wet verduidelijking rechtspositie transgender personen en intersekse personen” have been included in it as expected.

Earlier this week I posted “Gender healthcare waiting lists – should I switch hospitals?” and was concerned about the travelling expenses. That same day I called my health insurance and asked if they’d be paid for, and if I’m allowed to be on both waiting lists.

The travelling expenses will be paid for IF I travel over 1000 km a year single trip from my home to the hospital. With Groningen being roughly 170km away and the first year I’ll have to be there once a month, that’d not be a problem and a declaration form was sent immediately (even wile it’s still one year from now before I can start). Reading the form I also found out that I’d be making a small profit from the trips to UMCG because I’ll be reimbursed for the normal train trip on 2nd class without my 40% discount 🤑

On the topic of being on both waiting lists I was told that this would be no problem, as long as I’d inform the other hospital when the procedure starts with the one calling me first. Obviously I hope that the UMCG will be the first to call me…