25 November 2019

[Update] Bra size 85B

By Alexa

Half this month I posted “Bra size 85B – 85B..! 85B..?” and said that I estimated my bra size to be 80B now. With my breasts having become smaller a cousin of mine did tease me a bit about it. After all, loosing weight as female also influences the size of the breasts.

Yesterday I once again visited to the local Hunkemuller store for size measuring. The young women who I spoke to initially me measured my underbust and came out on roughly 89cm. Being transgender and bra measurement works somewhat different she asked her colleague who measured my underbust at about 92cm (meaning I lost about 5cm there).
Both measures would have given me a size 90, but as said, being transgender the sizing is a bit different I was advised to try a 80B size bra and see how it fits.

I saw the Nightshade Doutzen bra. (pictured on the right), loved it immediately and wanted to try it on. 
While I shuld fit the 80B bra, it was pretty tight around the bust and I was given one one size bigger (so back to 85B). That one did fit quite well around the bust, but my breasts didn’t quite fit the cups 🙁

Now I was handed the ‘Nikki’ bra from the Perfect Plunge line with size 85A (did my breasts REALLY get this small?), which I think was quite beautiful. The fit of this bra was okay-ish. My breasts immediately fully fitted them when I put it on, but tucking my breasts in as they should showed immediately that the A cup is already too small for me (thank God!). The woman helping me also pointed out the bra’s wires at the side and why I have a cup B instead of A and she was right about it.

A couple of other bras were also handed to see how the sizing is but in the end I ended up with a size 85B from the Delicious Demi line and I have to admit that there are a couple very beautiful (and sexy) bras in it (1 and 2). With my body changing so much I won’t be buying new bras and stick with 2nd hand ones until I am at least a year down the road with hormones and my breasts are getting to their maximum size.