Month: November 2019

20 November 2019

Gender healthcare waiting lists – should I switch hospitals?

I am not sure how things are outside The Netherlands when it comes to hospitals specialized in transgender healthcare and their waiting lists, but here it’s pretty bad. Well, it’s actually not that bad. There are enough specialists at work here and they are all very capable at their work (at least I assume they are 😉). The main problem is the number of University […]

15 November 2019

Bra size 85B – 85B..! 85B..?

Below is a post I wrote on Fetlife (yes I have a kinky site and an account there) on June 9 this year. Though much of it is still true, there are some changes over the last 5 months.The main change is that I lost an other 10kg 😲 and both my bust and breast have become smaller. The 85B cup I wrote about is […]

15 November 2019

Like everyone who starts a blog, I too was musing about how to name this one. I came up with a couple of names including “All about Alexa” – which I ditched immediately because I thought it was too egocentric – and “Alexa’s World” of which I thought it was quite right and used it on my personal domain. It was yesterday that I thought […]