9 January 2020

[Update] Logopedics

By Alexa

The Update

Last year (yes, we’re in 2020 already) on December 3 I wrote about my referral for voice training and the reasons why I’d need it and why not. The main reason for the referral was speaking louder, when on the phone and speaking in English.

1st session

During the first session on December 24th she wondered why I wanted that referral for voice training because she found my voice pretty feminine already. When I explained why I wanted the training she gave me some techniques when speaking louder and on the phone.

Appointment error

Two days ago I had my 2nd appointment for voice training. On my way to her she called me to say she accidentally made a double appointment and it I was okay to wait a bit. Of course I was!
When I got there I only had to wait for about 10 minutes, so it was no biggy at all…

Her surprise

At the start of the session she said that she was unsure if she didn’t call someone else in error. When I spoke with her on the phone my voice sounded fully feminine and only because I confirmed that I was on my way to her she knew it was me she spoke to.

General progress

The voice training session wasn’t very long and the techniques which had to be used were discussed once again. 

Obviously speaking on the phone wasn’t a problem anymore at all. I mainly had to get used again to speak the way I was used to when I was working decades ago. It was basically getting used to be ‘nice’ on the phone again. The only difference is the old fashioned telephone  used then and the mobile phones used now. I just had to get used not to ‘scream’ when on the phone, which is in general not necessary at all for the microphone is pretty sensitive.

Speaking louder and in English I’ve singing along with 70s music most of the time. Doing so I noticed that I could train to use a feminine voice when speaking louder when the singer went louder. And of course singing in English also gave me the opportunity to train speaking English in general.

Training to Speak English

When speaking a non-native language (English for me) is more difficult to maintain a feminine voice and my voice trainer. This is because of a split concentration between the voice and keep the concentration on speaking that language – no matter how well you’ve mastered that language. It is even more difficult when doing a 3rd thing along like playing a game, be in a voice chatroom with multiple participants keeping track of who is saying what. Or even those two combined (which can happens quite often when playing a game) and you have to concentrate on 4 things at a time.

She told me that I need to practice a lot and best with someone I trust and can get feedback from.

…and I know such a woman…

I almost immediately sent her a WhatsApp message if she wanted to help me and as I hoped for she would. Sadly though we didn’t have matching times when we could speak to one another.

Yesterday we both had time for a ‘little’ chat. And a little chat became a bit longer, and longer, and longer…

We ended up talking for close to 2 hours. And where I started ‘good’ over time I lost my concentration. It was after about an hour that my vocal chords started to ache a bit and my voice became less feminine. I tried to ‘keep up appearances’ but that was to no avail 🙁

She agreed to keep helping me with my English voice training and that we should speak to one an other on an almost daily basis for about 15 minutes (which I know will become a lot longer…) and today we’ll speak each other again. And oh my, do I have some good news to share!