Site Performance 2020-04-21
22 April 2020

Site Performance Update

By Alexa

After my post earlier this week about the site performance I have taken a very good look for alternatives. As posted then I found a good layout which more than doubles the performance.ย  This newly found performance already a huge step forward but there is still a lot to do.

Perhaps the most important thing is to go through all the images I have uploaded and make these smaller. I have already gone through a couple ofย  them and noticed that the size is too big (4K mobile camera photos) and the format makes them large as well (PNG format over JPEG). To correct this I have to go through the media library and alter all these photos. Luckily I haven’t been overly active uploading photos (yet) so that’s not too much work…

Two other things causing the bad performance are a bit harder to correct at the moment.

The first one are WordPress’ internal CSS files. While I can read these files, I have to go through the whole new layout and see what does what where. Needless to say that this will take quite some time ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

The other problem is something I cannot influence at all: 3rd party cookies. And while I try to minimize them, two sites force them upon me. These are twitter (look at the left for my last 3 tweets) and Google’s advertising. However, this does give me a reminder not to add too many 3rd party stuff to the blog.

While I’m at it I can also make some other changes. When I started this blog I was using WordPress’ internal editor. The formatting of those posts are something I don’t like at all. Going though all my older posts I can also take the time to update these old posts with the Elementor editor and make the layout the same as I use for this post.

That’s it for now. A quick note of the progress and I’m off to work again.
Love Alexa ๐Ÿ’‹