Pages from Sages
26 April 2020

A lot of old ‘About Me’s

By Alexa

Remember my ‘Small’ Introductions post? The old Pages from Sages blog I mentioned there will be rebooted again. I have registered the domain and am in the process of converting all old posts from my old self-written blog scrips to WordPress.

This blog also holds also over 200 ‘About Me’ posts. And though at the time I didn’t know I had gender dysphoria, there are quite a lot of posts about my bipolar disorder. A disorder which lies at the basics of my dysphoria.

I will add all these posts to this blog and make most of them visible for everyone to read. I am not sure though if I will keep the original date stamp and make a new post pointing to the original post or just use the date when I add it to the blog and start with a ‘This was written on…‘.

I just had to write this quick note. Enjoy the day and as always with love Alexa 💋