Transgender Flag
6 May 2020


By Alexa

Just call me crazy. No really I dare you and I’m pretty sure that you will agree with me to call me crazy 😜

As you might remember, I used to have my blog on this domain (, being my personal domain. I own it already for 9 years and it has had various uses through the past.

With the domain being quite general I figures to get a separate domain for the About Alexa blog. And as I wrote on November 15th last year, I decided to register the domain. At the time I thought it was a good idea, though the price for the .lgbt top domain was quite steel (€48 ex VAT).

Meanwhile things have changed a bit. I decided to pick up my gaming blog Pages from Sages again (which I had to register on a .ORG domain since the old .COM domain was hijacked) and the Caul-Dur Adventures domain.

Pages from Sages

What to say about this quite legendary blog? I’ve been blogging actively from 2007 until 2016 and the two years after that it started to die down a bit. On it’s peak I’ve had over 12K unique visitors a month 😲
Later in 2016 I had a major breakdown and was diagnosed with bipolar and somewhat stopped blogging there.

Caul-Dur Adventures

I am still not sure how to fill this domain. Caul-Dur Adventures is a MMORPG I am developing as a hobby project. The server-client connections are fully working and the SRD35 (Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 OGL) code is coming along quite nicely.
For now there is no date for an alpha test.

These two domains, along with this personal domain and are getting quite expensive, being over €80 a year. Being on disability allowance (a good one at that, but it’s still 70% of my last salary while the mortgage for the house is still the same) that’s quite a lot.
Not to mention the hosting space itself. Though that is not overly much (€12 a year), I do have to get more space pretty soon. I either need to double it or even quadruple it, all depending on the final size of the Pages from Sages blog.

Now I need to figure out some administrative stuff. I have registered some data trackers for (no cookies, just local data analysis)  and these need to be redirected to this domain. I am pretty sure that it’ll not be too much trouble and very sure that you as my reader won’t notice anything from it.

That was my ‘quick’ note for today. Nothing special concerning my transition, but I will post something about that later this week (that subject has been boiling for quite some time already).
With love Alexa 💋