12 July 2020

About Large Feet

By Alexa

Before I start, let me begin with a fun fact.Paris Hilton, the heir, socialite and wannabe actor, has a shoe size 44 EU (10 UK / 12 US). This is quite big for a born woman, but I bet for her it is no problem with the money she has – she probably has most of her shoes custom made.

Regular Shoe Stores

When you don’t have the money Paris has and are born with large feet, you are in trouble. Most shoe stores sell sizes 38 through 41 and sometimes go as small as 36 or as big as 42. Living in the EU I use EU sizes. I have uploaded a size conversion chart for UK and US.

In The Netherlands we have 2 big shoe retailers and they sell that same range of sizes. One of them has some models up to 43, but those are mainly ‘manly looking’ models. The other one (Van Haren – I did not want to mention brands and/or link to their sites) has a range of big shoes in size 43 and 44. While there are a couple of feminine models, most of them are pretty manly with a small feminine touch or they are just sneakers.

(Transgender) Women with Size 43+

As said before, regular retailers do not really sell sexy or even nice looking shoes in larger (and wider) sizes.

When you have a size 43 or 44 you can still get some ‘decent’ shoes from specialised stores like Passo & Tall People here in Alkmaar. Stores like this carry the more expensive brands which have larger and wider shoes and even have their ‘own brand’ (mostly relabelled). The main down side of these specialised stores is their price. Because of their specialisation prices are quite high (€100 and more), or the cheaper ones are just plain boring.

My Own Ugly Feet

I am not sure why I have large feet. Is it because I didn’t have my realisation when I was a kid and puberty inhibitors could feminise my body and keep my feet small? Who knows! I have big feet and have to live with it.

My feet are somewhere between a size 44H (H being pretty wide) and 45, which of course depends on the brand as well. I have tried a pair of 44H once in the Waardijk shoe store and they fit perfectly. The problem though, was that these were a model and colour not even my grandmother would wear (if she were still alive).

Internet to the Rescue!

Internet is the source for everything they say, and the same goes for finding large female shoes. You’d be amazed up to what size some brands go. I have seen very pretty pumps up to a size 49 which weren’t that expensive.

Pleaser - So Far My Favourite Brand

On a Transgender forum I heard about good brands for (trans )women with big feet and one of them was Pleaser. They said that Pleaser were a treat for their feet and when you knew your size you could just order ANY pair in that size. This was something I had to try myself and searched on Amazon (German because of faster shipping than UK).

I found a good looking pair (see the inlay picture) and asked the retailer which size I should get. He advised size 45, which I ordered. After they arrived I noticed they were a bit too big, but with anti-slip at the back and silicone toes they were a perfect fit.

The pumps in the header of this post to the right I also own, but were sent in size 44 by accident first. These were a tight fit, making them painful during the evening. After they were exchanged for a size 45 they were a treat to my feet as well.

Plateau Problems

The first Pleaser pumps I bought were the ones to the left. I found there in a used goods store for €7.50 (they clearly didn’t know what they were selling). I loved them a lot, but were a bit too small (size 44 I guess – the problem is that Pleaser does not show the size on the shoes). My wife didn’t lite them at all and referred to them as ‘whore shoes’. She had a point there, though I think they were owned by a cross-dresser / transvestite / Drag Queen in the past.

It is the Drag Queen part which comes with bigger female shoe sizes. The Queens put on a (sometimes great) act and over exaggerate everything. Their shoes are overdone with extreme high heels and high plateaus.

It is these extreme plateaus which are (my) problem. Being pretty tall myself (187.5cm), high heels make me even taller than I already am. The pumps in the header of this post have a 12cm heel, making me almost 2 meter tall. So you can guess my problem with higher heels (and plateaus) I get even taller.

…that coming from a woman who just ordered ‘sneaker pumps’ of with 15cm heels (shown to the right). At least these shoes do not have that ‘Drag Queen’ look but are more like regular shoes.

Phew! That’s some frustration I had to get rid off and I am glad I did. Coming Wednesday I’ll post an update on 4 weeks of hormones and what / how I feel now. There are some amazing things I need to share!

Thanks for reading and I hope till coming Wednesday.
With love Alexa 💋💋💖