8 October 2020

Officially Registered as Female

By Alexa

This is probably the first time (and hopefully the last as well) I use a date in the past to write a post. But this one I could not do on October 8th or yesterday.

Expert Statement

I am not sure if ‘Expert Statement’ is the correct English term for the ‘Deskundigen Verklaring’. In short, this is an official document of your transgender healthcare doctor. It states that the transgender person does not identify with the birth gender and wants to change it on the birth certificate.

I have requested this document last week, paid for it (the thing costs €65) and made an appointment with the Amsterdam Citizen Registry Department (I am pretty sure this is not the right name but you know what I mean πŸ™ƒ)

The 'M' ID is Still Valid?

Yes, my old ID with that much hated ‘M’ and even more so the picture on it is still valid and will be for an other week. It becomes invalid the moment the Citizens Registration of Alkmaar (where I live) has processed the change of my birth certificate.

I have been given a copy of my birth certificate. With this I can change my registered gender in Alkmaar and apply for a new ID at the same time.Β The moment the birth certificate is processed my old ID is no longer valid. But that is what I was wantΒ  πŸ€—

For the registration and applying for a new ID I have to make an appointment. Sadly though, thanks to COVID-19 the date of the appointment is a bit later than usual (October 15th).

Never Registered as Male

Here comes a fun thing which I did not know. When I register the birth certificate, I can request to fully delete the old registration as male and the name that comes along with it. I will of course do this!

There is also an other fun thing along side. Being born before 1985 my birth certificate is available on paper only. This will delete my digital male existence completely.

Did my Parents Get a Son or Daughter?

Both my parents will receive a letter from the city of Amsterdam informing them of the change made to my birth certificate. With this letter they will be informed that they can also make a change to their citizen registration allowing them to state that they did not get a son but daughter instead.

I expected my mother to make use of this option and she already said she will (thanks mom πŸ’‹πŸ’ž).

As for my dad, I have no clue and basically I don’t care at all. My parents divorced when I was 5. After that my dad and I have had contact for roughly 2 years in ’97/’98 and parted with bad feelings.
The employee said that sometimes a letter could get lost in administration. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck what he does with the knowledge of my legal gender change and if he will confirm it or not. The only reason I want him to receive it is that his wife knows, for I like her a lot.

An Awesome Present

I was very early in Amsterdam and shopped some windows. I also looked at Robin‘s in the Amstelstraat and saw a gorgeous short green dress. I asked about it, but it was pretty expensive. I tried a few other dresses but none were to my liking. Then I was handed this gown and fell in love with it immediately! I decided not to chance a fight at home and decided not to buy it.

When I was home I told my mom about the gown and being proud to have the strength not to buy it. She thought that the gown should be a special present for this special day and that I should buy it at her costs.

…now all there is left is find a special occasion to wear the gown πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading and with love from (the officially registered female) Alexa πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’‹