12 February 2021

Long time not seen – an update…

By Alexa

I know it’s been quite a while since I have last posted on my blog. But with good reason (or actually the lack of it πŸ™ƒ). There is not much to tell other than that life goes on, but that will change soon.


Let me start with the most important thing – one which has impacted all of our lives: COVID-19. This little bugger changed our lives like we never could have imagined and our governments try to take special precautions to contain it. From lock downs (which we now have in The Netherlands) up to curfews (which we also have here). Our lives have changed a lot the last year and probably will be like this for an other year or so.

The Waiting List

The COVID-19 containment measurements also have their effects on the waiting list at the VUmc in Amsterdam 😭

When I applied for treatment in July 2019 the waiting period was 18 months (❗❗). In the mean time the Radbaud UMC in Nijmegen has also started transgender healthcare and taken over parts of the waiting list of the VUmc. That would imply that the list should speed up, but nooo…..

As things look now I will get my invitation for the intake in May this year with the actual appointment being planned 2 to 3 months from then. Yes, that is right, it’ll be high summer when I will have my first appointment.

Bodily Changes

Though it will still take quite a while before I will start treatment at the VUmc, I am already on hormones for almost 9 months now (damn, time flies!) and I notice it. Aside from the ‘monthly periods’ born females have (yes, being moody and that kind of stuff), my body changes a lot as well.

I have noticed my breasts have grown quite a bit over the last few months. Not to brag, but they are a full cup B now and I have already bought a couple of cup C bras as well.

An other thing I noticed is fat distribution and muscle breakdown. I have gained some weight (2kg over the last 3 months), but that is normal for me during winter. But the place where it is added is more noticeable: my hips.
Okay, my hips are not as full as that of born women, but I did notice that my tucks can’t be pulled up as high as I did a year ago. And while lots of women complain about their hips, I am very happy with it!


In my last post I said I had found a new hobby: sewing. This hobby evolved quite rapidly into corset making. I finished my first corset on 1st Christmas day and the second almost a month later.

I love making corsets so much that I want to make at least 5 corsets for myself. With each corset I want to try new and different techniques.

That’s a small update for now. I am sure that when my treatment starts I will update a lot more, but for now it has no real use for I would probably repeat myself with every post I write. I am quite active on social media (Facebook and Instagram mostly) so why not follow me there as well?

With love Alexa πŸ’žπŸ’‹