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12 July 2020

About Large Feet

Before I start, let me begin with a fun fact.Paris Hilton, the heir, socialite and wannabe actor, has a shoe size 44 EU (10 UK / 12 US). This is quite big for a born woman, but I bet for her it is no problem with the money she has – she probably has most of her shoes custom made. Regular Shoe Stores When you […]

25 November 2019

[Update] Bra size 85B

Half this month I posted “Bra size 85B – 85B..! 85B..?” and said that I estimated my bra size to be 80B now. With my breasts having become smaller a cousin of mine did tease me a bit about it. After all, loosing weight as female also influences the size of the breasts. Yesterday I once again visited to the local Hunkemuller store for size […]

15 November 2019

Bra size 85B – 85B..! 85B..?

Below is a post I wrote on Fetlife (yes I have a kinky site and an account there) on June 9 this year. Though much of it is still true, there are some changes over the last 5 months.The main change is that I lost an other 10kg 😲 and both my bust and breast have become smaller. The 85B cup I wrote about is […]