Category: Medical

3 December 2019


Talking is much like singing. Everyone can do it, but if you don not have a natural voice for it (like me) you can take lessons to learn to control your breathing and make your singing voice more appealing. Transition Referrals Almost the whole medical procedure of the transition is paid for by the health insurance in The Netherlands but you need a medical referral […]

25 November 2019

A new beat

My mother has been diagnosed with heart rhythm disorder 15 years ago for which she takes medication. How It Started Last Wednesday I was at the Succubus store here in Alkmaar and chatting with the employee about being transgender, transition and all (all? a lot for sure 😛) things related when all of a sudden it happened. I started to feel extremely dizzy and sweating. […]

8 November 2017

B12 difficiency still a problem

Yeah, what to say..? I’ve been diagnosed with a B12 difficiency since October 2014 and things don’t seem to improve by a lot… Normally when someone is diagnosed with a B12 difficency, they will recieve 2 suppleting injections a week for 5 to 6 weeks (I’ve had those)/ After that the injections will become less regular, and normally will be monthly for half a year, and after […]