Category: Medical

26 August 2017

Bipolar diagnosis – 1 year annaversary..?

Today a year ago I was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and while i already suspected having it for about 3 years, I was glad to have the diagnosis. Though the cause of what made the confirmation was a bit less. Lets recap a bit for that last year (and a bit longer back)… Somewhere in 2012 I talkes with a cousin of me who’s […]

4 September 2007

Appointment eye hospital

A small update, but I’ve had a couple of real bad days… It’s been so bad that I’ve been sick home for the last 2 days. I hope I can go to work again tomorrow… About the appointment for the eye hospital… I’ve called them over 2 weeks ago to make an appointment. They see the wanted appointment as a second opinion, so they wanted […]

15 August 2007

Results MRI-scan

Today I went back to my doctor to hear the results of the MRI-scan that I had on August 1. She basically had some good and some bad news… The good news was that she didn’t find any damaged or irritated nerves, nor did she find anything else (she probably meant tumors and the alike). The bad news is that she can’t help me any […]