Category: Transition

7 May 2020

Gender dysphoric dreaming

Last month I wrote that a lot of  old “about me’s” would appear here which came from my old Pages from Sages blog. Yesterday in the closing part of the ‘About‘ post I said I’d write a special piece and I think it indeed is quite special (to me at least.) You might have noticed that I have added an old post of 2011 […]

18 February 2020

Photo Documentary

Busy, busy, busy…Lately my schedule is fuller than I’ve ever wanted it to be. Where in the past (before my realization) I had 1 appointment a week most of the times, these days having 4 a week has become quite ‘normal’. This means that I need to do some time management and this week I’ve taken a full week ‘off’ and my schedule is quite […]

28 January 2020

About the Social Transition

Apologies for a month’s silence Before starting on this post, let me stat by apologizing for the quietness of last month. I promised to write a piece about social transition for the persons around you early this month, but I just couldn’t put myself to it – or anything else ‘productive’ for that matter. The reason for the silence is a very bad period of […]