19 October 2019

Being transgender & Elite Dangerous

I hear you wondering why I have included the Elite Dangerous logo and an IPX batch into the main site’s header and let me explain. First off the Elite Dangerous logo. I’ve been been flying around our galaxy since late may 3300. Most commanders (CMDRs) I have met during my flights and in general most of the (retired) CMDRs of the Pilot’s Federation are extremely […]

18 October 2019

‘Small’ introductions

Where to start with introductions? And though it’s not the first blog I have started – I have been running Pages From Sages (I no longer own the original domain) for a decade – starting something new and making proper introductions is still something to be aware of. Making introductions for instance might create different expectations from you as reader than what I intend to […]

8 November 2017

B12 difficiency still a problem

Yeah, what to say..? I’ve been diagnosed with a B12 difficiency since October 2014 and things don’t seem to improve by a lot… Normally when someone is diagnosed with a B12 difficency, they will recieve 2 suppleting injections a week for 5 to 6 weeks (I’ve had those)/ After that the injections will become less regular, and normally will be monthly for half a year, and after […]