26 August 2017

Bipolar diagnosis – 1 year annaversary..?

Today a year ago I was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and while i already suspected having it for about 3 years, I was glad to have the diagnosis. Though the cause of what made the confirmation was a bit less. Lets recap a bit for that last year (and a bit longer back)… Somewhere in 2012 I talkes with a cousin of me who’s […]

8 October 2014


Okay, I’m not the kind of guy who stands on the scale every couple of weeks, or even every couple of months. We have a scale, but the last time I stood on it was about 2 years ago or so. Then my weight was around 100kg. It might sound like a lot, but with my 1.88m height it’s not overly much overweighted (only about […]

11 February 2011

A (wo)man is allowed to dream…

Well, that’s how the saying goes, but for me it’s a miracle if I dream at all… I know you’d probably tell me that I do dream, lots of people have told me that already, but you are wrong. I really don’t dream. Actually, last year (2010), I’ve dreamt only 7 times 🙁 Now you probably want to know why I’m so certain I don’t […]