22 April 2020

Site Performance Update

After my post earlier this week about the site performance I have taken a very good look for alternatives. As posted then I found a good layout which more than doubles the performance.ย  This newly found performance already a huge step forward but there is still a lot to do. Perhaps the most important thing is to go through all the images I have uploaded […]

19 April 2020

Site Performance Issues

You might have noticed that the website has quite some performance issues. It’s mainly the first load which hold off the website quite a lot and that even depends on the browser used. For instance on Google Chrome the website loads pretty fast, but with the Opera browser (which also uses the Chromium base) it’s slow like hell. With that I was kind of fed […]

14 March 2020

She said YES! (again)

Almost 22 Years Married Our ‘for better and worst’ wasn’t that hard, though we’ve had quite some setbacks over the years. We’ve almost been bankrupt twice and once we’ve almost had to sell out house. And though that’s all mundane goods, it’s always nice to have some financial stability. Luckily has been the case for the last 4 years now. But ‘in sickness and health’ […]