26 September 2020


A tattoo is something that I wanted for decades, but I wanted one which had personal and emotional meaning to me. After all, it is something that’ll be with me the rest of my life… Ideas in the past In ‘my previous life’ I had the idea to have a dragon tattooed on me. I was (and still am) a big fantasy fan, and a […]

17 August 2020

Changes after 2 months of hormones

I wanted to write this post last week, but because of that quite long tropical heat wave we had in Europe I wasn’t up for it at all. Even during the early morning it was already 25C and it would raise quickly to 30C+ in a matter of hours 🌡🌡 Needless to say that I was too fatigued and had massive headaches because of it […]

15 July 2020

4 Weeks of Hormones

Yesterday I took my 28th Estradiol pill and today I think it is a good moment to look back on the last 4 weeks and the changes I have been through. These changes are both good and bad (mostly good though). There will be some NSFW content in this post… Side effects Let me start with the bad things: side effects. As I wrote with […]