18 February 2020

Photo Documentary

Busy, busy, busy…Lately my schedule is fuller than I’ve ever wanted it to be. Where in the past (before my realization) I had 1 appointment a week most of the times, these days having 4 a week has become quite ‘normal’. This means that I need to do some time management and this week I’ve taken a full week ‘off’ and my schedule is quite […]

28 January 2020

About the Social Transition

Apologies for a month’s silence Before starting on this post, let me stat by apologizing for the quietness of last month. I promised to write a piece about social transition for the persons around you early this month, but I just couldn’t put myself to it – or anything else ‘productive’ for that matter. The reason for the silence is a very bad period of […]

9 January 2020

[Update] Logopedics

The Update Last year (yes, we’re in 2020 already) on December 3 I wrote about my referral for voice training and the reasons why I’d need it and why not. The main reason for the referral was speaking louder, when on the phone and speaking in English. 1st session During the first session on December 24th she wondered why I wanted that referral for voice […]