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6 May 2020

About AboutAlexa.lgbt

Just call me crazy. No really I dare you and I’m pretty sure that you will agree with me to call me crazy 😜 As you might remember, I used to have my blog on this domain (erne.nl), being my personal domain. I own it already for 9 years and it has had various uses through the past. With the domain being quite general I […]

26 April 2020

A lot of old ‘About Me’s

Remember my ‘Small’ Introductions post? The old Pages from Sages blog I mentioned there will be rebooted again. I have registered the domain PagesFromSages.org and am in the process of converting all old posts from my old self-written blog scrips to WordPress. This blog also holds also over 200 ‘About Me’ posts. And though at the time I didn’t know I had gender dysphoria, there […]

22 April 2020

Site Performance Update

After my post earlier this week about the site performance I have taken a very good look for alternatives. As posted then I found a good layout which more than doubles the performance.  This newly found performance already a huge step forward but there is still a lot to do. Perhaps the most important thing is to go through all the images I have uploaded […]