Tag: Transition

21 October 2020

Transition of Interests & Hobbies

Everyone speaks about social and medical transition. But I recently became aware of a 3rd kind of transition: interests. Second Puberty When I started taking hormones half June I didn’t overly realise I would head into my second puberty. I should have known though – I have been through puberty before 😉 I don’t think I need to explain to you what that means for […]

8 October 2020

Officially Registered as Female

This is probably the first time (and hopefully the last as well) I use a date in the past to write a post. But this one I could not do on October 8th or yesterday. Expert Statement I am not sure if ‘Expert Statement’ is the correct English term for the ‘Deskundigen Verklaring’. In short, this is an official document of your transgender healthcare doctor. […]

17 August 2020

Changes after 2 months of hormones

I wanted to write this post last week, but because of that quite long tropical heat wave we had in Europe I wasn’t up for it at all. Even during the early morning it was already 25C and it would raise quickly to 30C+ in a matter of hours 🌡🌡 Needless to say that I was too fatigued and had massive headaches because of it […]