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25 November 2019

[Update] Bra size 85B

Half this month I posted “Bra size 85B – 85B..! 85B..?” and said that I estimated my bra size to be 80B now. With my breasts having become smaller a cousin of mine did tease me a bit about it. After all, loosing weight as female also influences the size of the breasts. Yesterday I once again visited to the local Hunkemuller store for size […]

24 November 2019

[Update] Discrimination & Hospital choice

On November 8th I posted “Transgender discrimination in The Netherlands“. While writing that I found out that the “Algemene wet Gelijke Behandeling” wasn’t valid anymore per October 31th and I’d look for the replacement Act. Well, I found it! The name is still the same and the changes from the “Wet verduidelijking rechtspositie transgender personen en intersekse personen” have been included in it as expected. […]